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Telč is part of the UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage Site

Days Monday to Sunday
Recommended time of departure Recommended time of departure: 9 am or 10 am
Duration 10 hours
Price from 1 to 3 pers CZK 6.400 / USD 337 / € 237
Price from 4 to 8 pers CZK 7.000 / USD 368 / € 260
Price from 9 to 11 pers CZK 7.500 / USD 394 / € 278
Price over 11 Pers On demand
Required Walking Ability LOW
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Information to prepare your visit to Telč

Telč - The historical heart of the town was registered in 1992 on the UNESCO List of World Cultural Heritage sites. According to the local legend, the foundation of Telč is connected with the victory of the Moravian Duke Otto II. over the Czech Duke Břetislav in 1099. It is said that in the memory of the battle the victor established first chapel, later a church and then a community, which is the Old Town today.

The only historical proof is the documentation of a seigniorial estate and watch tower with a little church, which was the residence of the royal administrator. This royal property, Telč was paid out by Charles IV, firstly it was redeemed (1335) and secondly it was exchanged with Jindřich of Hradec for the border castle Banov (1339).

This family started founding a new Telč. Menhart of Hradec is supposed to have built the castle, church, water fortification and Gothic houses around the large marketplace.The town started to expand after 1354, and spite of rapid development - it was granted the right to carry out capital sentences and the right to hold annual markets by Charles IV, it used to suffer from fires (in 1386 the whole western half of the square including the church and town hall were burn down) and later still from the Hussites rebellions. According to the Town Chronicle established in 1359 (and later lost) the town of Telč was except for the castle - conquered in 1423 by the Hussites´army led by Jan Hvězda of Vicemilice. The recovery of the town required quite a long time, althoughit was awarded additional privileges in the fifteenth century (fairs,brewing, the sale of salt).

Zachariáš of Hradec takes over the Telč estate and both the town and castle enjoy the period of prosperity. This enlightened and rich magnate (also thanks to the mariage with Kateřina of Wallenstein) greatly renovates the Gothic castle and costructs joining it a chateau in the Renaissance style. Italian workmen invited to the castle help the burghers to rebuild the Gothic dwellings into the neat houses with attractive facades and arcades.

At the same time the town water mains and new hospital were built, andnew ponds, trades and new ways of management were established. Zachariáš as well as other men of the Hradec family die without male offspring, and thus Lucie Ottilie, sister of the last of them brings her husband, Vilém Slavata (a well-known governor who had played his role within the Prague Defenestration in 1618) to the Telč estate (as wellas to Hradec), together with a new noble family.

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