Trip from Prague to Budapest via Lednice and Bratislava

Days 7 days a week
Recommended time of departure Recommended time of departure- 8 am
Duration 12 hours- one way
Price from 1 to 3 pers CZK 13.700/ USD 720/ € 507
Price from 4 to 8 pers CZK 15.800/ USD 831/ € 585
Price from 9 to 11 pers
Price over 11 Pers
Required Walking Ability LOW
Entrance fees to monuments included?
Door to door service
  • Summary

Budapest is the capital city of Hungary. Budapest has about 1.8 million inhabitants. The city covers an area of 203 square milles. Budapest became a single city occupying both banks of the river Danube with a unification on 17th November 1873 of west bank Buda and east bank Pest. The history of Budapest began with Aquincum, a Celtic settlement that became the Roman capital of Lower Pannonia.

Hungarians came here in the 9th century. Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and is preserved by UNESCO as the World Heritage Site. In Budapest you can see the second oldest underground railroad in the world (1894), the Buda Castle, the second largest synagogue in the world, third largest Parliament building in Europe and more than 80 geothermal springs, the world´s largest thermal water cave system. Don´t forget to take your swimsuit. The city has an oceanic climate. Budapest is among the 25th most visited places in the world. The city attracts more than 4 million tourists a year.

On the way you can visit the UNESCO - World Cultural Heritage Site Lednice - Valtice Area, the largest artistic renderings of landscapes in the world. Admiration belong to the castle area in Lednice and Valtice, the historic palm greenhouse from the 19th century, the aqueduct and Minaret in in Lednice castle park, ruins of Janohrad, Temple of Apollo etc. Whomever has been enchanted by fairyland Lednice - Valtice area will certainly be glad to taste the flagship of winery Chateau Lednice - Pinot Gris. Then on the way you can visit Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia and, with a population of almost half a million, the country´s largest city.

The cityscape of Bratislava is characterized by medieval towers and grandiose 20th century buildings, but it has undergone profound changes in a construction boom at the start of the 21st century. Most historical buildings are concentrated in the Old Town. The Bratislava Castle is situated on a plateau 279 ft (85 metres) above the Danube river.

After a sightseeing tour in Bratislava we will be in two hours in Budapest.


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